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[MISSHA] ★ Big Sale 50% ★ Glow Skin Balm Special Set / 깐달걀 스킨밤 기획세트 / 38,000 won

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[MISSHA] ★ Big Sale 50% ★ Glow Skin Balm Special Set / 깐달걀 스킨밤 기획세트 / 38,000 won

What it is

Glow Skin Balm
A multi-purpose, balm-textured cream that hydrates, creates a smooth surface for makeup
It works as a moisturizer, primer, booster & instant hydrating pack(mask). Delivers an instant boost
of hydration and luminous radiance to the skin. Creates a naturally-glowing, plumped & revitalized
complexion. Blended with Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Hyaluronic Acid & Ceramides to soothe
and provide lasting hydration - hold in moisture up to 30hrs.

Glow Skin Balm To Go Mist
A multi mist containing the benefits of Glow Skin Balm for moist and lustrous skin.
This mist provides moisture crea, morning pack, primer, glow cream, and fixer effect at once to
complete a glow makeup. The patented moisturizing ingredient hydrate the dry skin to keep the
makeup and moisture glow for long. Specialized mist container without gas allows even spray of
the content, which prevents the makeup from smudging. The mist is formulated with skin-friendly
ingredients and 77.8% damask rose water, safe for even sensitive skin.


Glow Skin Balm 50ml
Glow Skin Balm To Go Mist 80ml

Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Glow Skin Balm
As the last skincare step, smooth over the entire face & neck. Pat to aid absorption.
Can be worn alone for a luminous bare-faced look and also under makeup - follow
with Glow Skindation Foundation or Tension Pact.

Glow Skin Balm To Go Mist
Shake well before use and spray from 20-30 cm distance on face. Gently pat for
better absorption. You can either use before or after makeup.


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