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[MAMONDE] Enriched Nutri Emulsion 25ml [Mini] / 1,500 won(50)

Brand: Mamonde
Product Code: MAMONDE-1005124
Weight: 0.05 kg
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[MAMONDE] Enriched Nutri Emulsion 25ml [Mini] / 1,500 won(50)

What it is

An ultra nourishing emulsion that forms a rich moisture barrier over dry and rough skin to create moisturized, radiant skin. Contains flower oil with rich nutrients that nourish the skin. The abundant nutrients roll across the skin, forming a rich moisture barrier. Moisture ingredients like hyaluronic acid (skin softener) and beta-glucan help achieve moisturized and healthy skin.

Evening Primrose blossoms at night by taking energy from the moonlight. It has a strong vitality that enables it to adjust to tough environments. Because it is abundant in nourishment that is necessary for healthy skin, it delivers surprising nourishment to dry, thirsty skin.



Recomended for

All skin types

How to use

Take an adequate amount and apply evenly along the skin texture and gently pat for absorption.

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