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[celebeau] ★ Sale 45% ★ⓙ Black Serum Pact 11g / EXP 2019.09 / 45,000 won(13)

Brand: celebeau
Product Code: celebeau-503106
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[celebeau] ★ Sale 45% ★ⓙ Black Serum Pact 11g / EXP 2019.09 / 45,000 won(13)

What it is

A moist foundation pact for a glowing skin.

SPF50+ PA+++

70% Highly Concentrated Real Black Serum
Highly functional serum fluid moisturizes skin from the inside,
while delivering firm resilience at the same time.

Optimal Ratio for Coverage + Radiance (Marble Serum Layering)
The optimal ratio for blemish coverage and radiance is developed with marble layering technology
to create ideal skin with a single touch.

Dynamic Crystal Technology
The finest black diamond reflects light from inner skin to release beautiful light from any angle.
It covers blemishes and delivers a prism effect on another level.

10 Anti-aging Complex
By containing effective anti-aging ingredients,
it helps prevent skin damage from outside, even while wearing makeup.

Powder with Enhanced Skin Adhesion
With POWDER FULL COVER FORMULA, a five powder complex in various sizes enhances adhesion
to perfectly refine uneven skin texture, including wrinkles and pores.

Patented Antibacterial Puff (No. 10-1490140)
It's specially coated to maintain cleanliness and perfectly cling with its rich fitting sensation.
It enhances coverage and delivers synergy for a clean skin base



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Blend the black serum and foundation with the puff.
Apply a suitable amount on entire face and gently pat for better adherence.


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