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[LANEIGE] ★ Sale 32% ★ Stained Glasstick 2g / 23,000 won(60)

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[LANEIGE] ★ Sale 32% ★ Stained Glasstick 2g / 23,000 won(60)

What it is

Glow tint stick expresses bright color and clear glass bead shine.

Hydro-radiant, clear color
Water-stained glow pigment expresses bright, clear, hydro- radiant lips with each application.

Glass bead-shiny lips
The highly shiny oil provides glass bead-clear lips by maximizing the reflection of light in contact with the lips.

Highly moisturizing melting texture
Upon contact with the lips, the softly melting texture keeps the lips moisturized and comfortable for long hours.

Natural stone resembling colors
10 kinds of natural stone color looks to provide luck to my lips.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Express natural gradation lip makeup by applying on the entire lips along the lipline or by tapping on the center of the lips.



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