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[Kim Jeong Moon Aloe] ★ Sale 82% ★ (rm) Cure Intensive 2X Cream 50g / Box 90 / 7750(8) / 45,000 won(8) / 재고만

Brand: Kim Jeong Moon Aloe
Product Code: Shinwha-1003520
Weight: 0.25 kg
Availability: 987

[Kim Jeong Moon Aloe] ★ Sale 82% ★ (rm) Cure Intensive 2X Cream 50g / Box 90 / 7750(8) / 45,000 won(8) / 재고만

What it is

Legendary multi balm, upgraded with double amount of active ingredient.

Kim Jeong Moon Aloe Cream is the first Korean product that harnesses the potential of aloe. Enriched with 800ppm
of Candelabra aloe leaf extract and aloe vera leaf juice, this multi balm provides total care from head to toe. It hols
moisture for 100 hours, improves moisture loss and flaky dry skin, soothing the sensitive skin from external stimuli.
The soft texture melts softly on skin temprature, deeply moisturize and nourish the skin while giving a lustrous shine
on skin surface.


Key Ingredients

Candelabra Aloe Leaf Extract
A special ingredient tof CURE, which helps improve problematic skin.

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice
Formulated with 1,000 day old aloe from Pure Jeju Kim Jeong Monn Aloe farm, with U-TeCH
method to supply fresh aloe to the skin fast.

Propolis Extract
Forms a skin barrier to protect the skin from external stimuli.

Centella Asiatica
Soothes the sensitive, irritated skin.

Ceramide NP
Strengthens the skin barrier for moisture holding and skin protection.

17 Moisturizing Oil
Provides deep and abundant moisturizing effect to the skin.
(argan kernel oil, avocado oil, tea tree leaf oil, shea butter, port mary gold oil, apple seed oil,
hydrogenated cottonseed oil, lavender oil, apricot seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, grapefruit
seed oil, bean oil, sunflower seed oil, lemon seed oil, green tea seed oil, grape seed oil,
opuntia ficus-indica seed oil)



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Frequently use for rough skin. (Protect your skin during the season change by building a
powerful moisture layer onto the skin, especially for those areas with housewife`s eczema,
diaper rash, cracked skin, etc.)


Intensive Moisturizing Sleeping Pack
Blend Cure Intensive 2X Cream with general moisture cream and apply on entire
face before sleep, for better moisturizing effect the next morning

Moist Base Makeup
Create a moist and lustrous base makeup by blending Cure Intensive 2X Cream
with Foundation.

Moisture Care from Head to Toe
Cure Intensive 2X Cream can be used on cuticles, hand, body, hair tip, arms and
legs, elbows and heels.


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