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[IOPE] ★ Sale 40% ★ (tt) Pro Peeling Enzyme Wash 40g / (hp) / 28,000 won(13)

Brand: IOPE
Product Code: IOPE-1002963
Weight: 0.153 kg
Availability: 967

[IOPE] ★ Sale 40% ★ (tt) Pro Peeling Enzyme Wash 40g / (hp) / 28,000 won(13)

What it is

A powder-type subacidic cleanser with 3 types of complex enzymes that cleans away
dead skin cells for a smooth, elastic surface.

A subacidic cleanser that protects the skin’s surface pH, cleans up dead skin cells, and
maintains youthful skin conditions. The dual effects from the soluble AHA contained
in the entire Pro Peeling line and the moist suitable moisturizing components in each
product help achieve a softer, moist finish. AHA containing plant derived sugar maple
extracts offers gentle peeling for the skin. A reliable powder peeling cleanser that is
free of tar coloring, artificial fragrances, mineral oils, and triethanolamine.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Push with one hand by using the groove under the cap to open the bottle. After
removing your makeup, wet you hands and face with water. Tilt the container to take
a suitable amount of powder (0.5g/quarter-sized amount) into wet hands. Cup water
into your other head and place 2-3 drops onto the powder. Lather into a foam and
rub together as if massaging for a thorough cleanse. (You may add some more water
for the foam by preference.)


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