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[innisfree] [Vintage Filter Edition] ★ Sale 30% ★Filter Lighter Trio 3.6g /15,000won(20)

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[innisfree] [Vintage Filter Edition] ★ Sale 30% ★Filter Lighter Trio 3.6g /15,000won(20)

What it is

Skin lighting, Volume lighting, Vintage lighting - 3 different type of lighting filter. Express my own mood by applying a filter that I want every day. Jelly balm type highlighter helps skin smooth and moisturized. The moist texture in the form of jelly balm evenly adheres to the skin without fluttering or clumping, helping to create shiny skin. A brilliant, clear pearl that shines brightly. It is a highlighter that allows fine pearl powder to stick smoothly to the skin and feel a bright and clear glow.





Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

Use a brush or hand to apply it to the area you want to light up. With a filter lighter brush, you can express it more carefully.

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