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[INNISFREE] ★ Sale 30% ★ Forest For Men All in One Essence 100ml / 25,000 won

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[INNISFREE] ★ Sale 30% ★ Forest For Men All in One Essence 100ml / 25,000 won

What it is

01. Forest for Men Fresh All-in-One Essence

An all-in-one essence that functions like a toner, lotion and essence and contains phytoncide capsules
that relieve skin fatigue and smoothen skin texture

Improves skin texture with phytoncide capsules.
Phytoncide-rich ingredients from Jeju-native pine, cedar and cypress trees are sealed in capsules
to keep the skin smooth and relieves stressed skin.
Three functions of toner + lotion + essence all in one product.
This all-in-one product offers all functions of toner, lotion and essence for better skin texture and intensive skin care.
Soothes skin after shaving.
It soothes rough skin due to repeated shaving and protects it against harmful external substances.

02. Forest for Men Moisture All-in-One Essence

A 5-in-1 essence with anti-wrinkle + firming + pore-tightening + brightening + moisturising care at one go.

5- in-1 essence.
It resolves all of men’s skin aging concerns at one go
including wrinkles, visible pores, loss of skin elasticity, dull complexion and dry skin.
Phytoncide ingredient to relieve skin fatigue.
The Jeju Phytoncide Complex helps to soothe skin fatigued from constant shaving.
Protect skin with a moisture barrier.
The essence is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving behind any sticky residue
while it forms a moisture barrier over the skin, smoothing rough skin and giving it a glow.

03. Forest For Men Oil Control All-in-One Essence

An oil-free, all-in-one essence with Phytoncide Control Effector™ and green clay minerals
that help to tighten visible pores, remove excess sebum, smoothen skin texture and soothe skin.

Oil control care.
Utilises the Phytoncide Control Effector™ to provide a 3-step care process
where impurities contained within the pores are separated, absorbed and removed.
Mineral-enriched green clay.
The green clay minerals which extracted under high pressure from the Alps of France
using Hydro-Mineral Suspension Technology ™, help to tighten visible pores, leaving skin feeling smooth and clean.
Phytoncide ingredient to soothe the skin.
Jeju Phytoncide Complex calms men's fatigued skin.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

After cleansing or shaving, pump twice and evenly spread onto face.
You may use your hands or a cotton pad.


If you want to know more

Unique Ecosystem, Gotjawal Story
Gotjawal is a word derived from the regional dialect of Jeju Island: the natural forest (Got) and gravel (Jawal).
As its name imparts, Gotjawal is virgin forest, more specifically, mythical forest
green throughout four seasons that serves as the lungs of pure Jeju Island.

Feel phytoncide from the pure nature of Gotjawal.
Forest For Men with Jeju phytoncide complex brings relaxation to your skin.

Relaxing effect of natural phytoncide:
Phytoncide is a substance that plants secrete to protect themselves from outside.
It provides refreshing and relaxing effects, helping tired skins of men from stress, smoking and drinking.

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