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[JIGOTT] ⓐ Clean & Moisturizing Foot Pack (15ml*2ea) 1 Pack / 5105(35)

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[JIGOTT] ⓐ Clean & Moisturizing Foot Pack (15ml*2ea) 1 Pack / 5105(35)

What it is

It is a home care product which allows easy care of foot at home. It contains ingredients of Aloe Vera leaf extract, lemon extract, onion extract, and perilla frutescens extract, and helps rough and crumbly foot to become moist and smooth, in addition, it takes care of your foot skin healthy and soft by smoothly removing surface skin cells with exfoliation effect on rough skin.


(15ml*2ea) 1 Pack

Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

Wear foot-dedicated sheet after washing the foot clean. Wait until the content is absorbed after putting the solution inside the sheet while wearing sheet. (Recommended time: 30 minutes ) After elapse of time, take off the sheet and wash thoroughly so that no solution remains. Although there are differences from individual to individual, dead skin will be peeled off naturally from 4~6 days after use.

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