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[Dr.Pepti+] ★ Sale 62% ★ (jj) Intensive Cream 100ml /50401(2) /119,000won(2)

Brand: Dr.Pepti+
Product Code: Dr.Pepti+-1510267
Weight: 1 kg
Availability: 999

[Dr.Pepti+] ★ Sale 62% ★ (jj) Intensive Cream 100ml /50401(2) /119,000won(2)

[Dr.Pepti+] (jj) Intensive Cream 100ml

What it is

4% of Cedar-Mars' Idea-Left in France improves skin sagging and effectively delivers elasticity and vitality. A total of seven ingredients, including five growth factor compounds, amino acids and vitamins, help with skin elasticity and barrier care and provide nourishment. Instead of purified water, it contains birch sap to make skin comfortable with barrier care and moisturizing.



Recommended for

All Skin Type

How to use

At the last step of skin care, take an appropriate amount, spread it all over your face, and gently pat it down to absorb it.

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