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[innisfree] ★Sale 40%★ My Color Palette 11g /26,000won(13) /sold out

Brand: innisfree
Product Code: innisfree-1510016
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[innisfree] ★Sale 40%★ My Color Palette 11g /26,000won(13) /sold out

What it is

Innisfree My Color Palette Mood palette with 8 colors inspired by the moment of with 8 colors inspired by the moment of sunrise and sunsetDeep point colors, resembling the moment when sunset fills the evening sky with warm red tone, create intense eye makeup. Harmony of varying matte and glitters that creates romantic glittery filter-like mood[Matte] A combination of powder in various sizes show blurred like smooth and matte color expression on the eyes.[Glitter] Dual coated glitter pearls with a special technology create sparkly eye makeup, from all angles.Expresses watercolor-like clear, transparent color even if applied multiple timesVery fine pigments apply thinly and evenly to express the color clearly even if applied multiple times.



Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

Apply appropriate amount on desired area lightly using a brush or finger.



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