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[DONG-A Pharm.] (jj) Noscarna Gel 20g / 3101(20)

Brand: DONG-A Pharm
Product Code: DONG-A Pharm-1006052
Weight: 0.1 kg
Availability: 976

[DONG-A Pharm.] (jj) Noscarna Gel 20g / 3101(20)

What it is

Noscarna Gel is a scar treatment that has effect on acne scar, surgery scar and keloidalis scar that have been formed after wound is healed. With sweet herbal scent and gel-type texture that is softly absorbed to your skin, you can use it freely.



Recomended for

All skin types

How to use

Apply Noscarna Gel on your scar after skincare. After applying Noscarna Gel, lightly put on sunscreen or foundation on top.

You can wear makeup right after applying Noscarna Gel. It is recommended to re-apply frequently on makeup. When you are not putting makeup on, first wash your face in morning, afternoon and evening, then apply Noscarna Gel after basic skincare.

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