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[HERA] ⓙ Signia Soap Set / 0102(3)

Brand: HERA
Product Code: HERA-1005865
Weight: 0.65 kg
Availability: 994


[HERA] ⓙ Signia Soap Set / 0102(3)

What it is

A facial soap enriched with the luxurious and charming scent of HERA Signia line. The dense and soft foam leaves the skin smooth and moist.


Signia Soap 100g * 2ea
Signia Soap Tray 1ea

Recomended for

All skin types

How to use

For facial cleansing, work up a rich lather and gently massage your face, beginning with your cheeks, then nose and forehead. Remove using lukewarm water and wash several times.

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