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[DerMeiren] ★ Sale 75% ★ ⓢ Sleeping Pack 30g / 1104(70) / 6,000 won(70)

Brand: DerMeiren
Product Code: DerMeiren-1004885
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[DerMeiren] ★ Sale 75% ★ ⓢ Sleeping Pack 30g / 1104(70) / 6,000 won(70)

What it is

Super Aqua Sleeping Pack soothe the skin with complex herbal extract, jasmine extract, evening primrose extract, and moisturize and hydrate the skin during the night, and keeps the skin transparent and moist. The subtle jasmine scent refresh the tired skin as well.



Key ingredients

Evening Primrose Extract
Prevent moisture loss and retain moisture in skin, keeping it moist and vibrant.

Complex Herbal Extract
Provides conditioning effect to the skin to retreive its vitality, and soothe the sensitized skin as well.

Jasmin Extract
Gives conditioning effect and firmness to the skin, and improve its vitality. It gives moisturizing ability and soothe the sensitive skin.

Hydrolized Hyaluronic Acid
It gives vitality to the skin with its conditiong effect. As a natural moisturizing factor, it increase moisture capacity in skin keeping it deeply hydrated.



Recomended for

All skin types

How to use

Apply an adequate amount at the last step of nightly skin care. Rinse off the next morning with lukewarm water.

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