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[JMsolution] JM solution (sg) Flower Home Esthetic Eye Patch (60ea) 90g / 4110(5)

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[JMsolution] JM solution (sg) Flower Home Esthetic Eye Patch (60ea) 90g / 4110(5)

What it is

Easy high-concentration special care at home with intensive moisturization and supply of vitality making the skin firm and bright.

Absorbed into the skin slowly by melting due to skin temperature with excellent skin adherence and soluble substances full of nutrition and moisture. Flower high-concentration hydro gel eye patch sticks to the skin around eyes tight. Care large area large round patch suited for eye area. Fill eye area with nutrition with high-concentration hydro gel eye patch. High moisturization and cooling with excellent adherence.

Key ingredients

Rose Extracts
Effective for moisturizing and soothing the skin with rich vitamin A and C and enhances skin vitality.

Cherry Blossom Extracts
Supply abundant nutrition to the skin and helps keep the skin astringent and moisturized.

Lavender Extracts
Soothes the irritated skin with excellent skin regeneration and antioxidant effects.

Calendula Extracts
Effective for the troubeld skin and excellent in skin protection by generation the skin and suppressing inflammation.


90g / 60 patches

Recomended for

All skin types

How to use

After cleansing, refine skin texture with toner. Apply the eye patch adjusting around the eyes (and other areas needed). Leave on for 20-30 minutes. Remove patch and gently pat remaining essence serum until fully absorbed.

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