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[Sulwhasoo] (bk) Herbal Soap 50g 1ea / Mini / 궁중비누 / (tt) 05 / 5402(24)

Brand: Sulwhasoo
Product Code: Sulwhasoo-1004313
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[Sulwhasoo] (bk) Herbal Soap 50g 1ea / Mini / 궁중비누 / (tt) 05 / 5402(24)

What it is

Premium Korean herbal soap made with a special 40-day aging process, containing antioxidant components of Red Ginseng extract for smoother and brighter looking skin.

Contains Korean Red Ginseng extract rich in antioxidant components and a specially designed complex of herbal elements such as Solomon's seal, Peony and Rehmannia. Contains natural Camellia oil that is gentle on the skin. The fine foam cleanses impurities in the pores and helps remove excess sebum for cleaner and smoother looking skin.


Before drying 50g (After drying 36g)

Recomended for

All skin types

How to use

For facial cleansing, work up a rich lather and gently massage your face, beginning with your cheeks, then nose and forehead. Remove using lukewarm water and wash several times.

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