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[IOPE] ★ Sale 45% ★ (hp) Perfect Cover Base 35ml / 36,000 won(8)

Brand: IOPE
Product Code: IOPE-1004137
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[IOPE] ★ Sale 45% ★ (hp) Perfect Cover Base 35ml / 36,000 won(8)

What it is

Makeup base for a bright and even skin tone.

SPF25 PA++

The Micro Glam Powder that brightens the skin tone to its optimal state helps create an even skin tone. The texture adheres instantly upon application, creating an optimal makeup base that boosts the adhesion of the next product layer. Contains super moisturizing hyaluronic acid that has a moist application, rehydrates the skin, and moisturizes the skin.

Light Green helps adjust a reddened skin tone if your skin is red or spotty to achieve a bright complexion.
Light Purple neutralizes dull, yellow skin to create a bright complexion.



Recomended for

All skin types

How to use

After your skincare routine, pump an appropriate amount onto the back of your hands, then use your fingers or a puff to spread gently across your entire face from inside to outside. Tap lightly to let absorb.


Perfect Cover Base Option

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