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[HERA] ⓘ Sun Mate Leports Sample 30ml / Pro Waterproof / New 2019 / ()

Brand: HERA
Product Code: HERA-1003918
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[HERA] ⓘ Sun Mate Leports Sample 30ml / Pro Waterproof / New 2019 / ()

What it is

Sunscreen that offers both water and sweat resistance with strong UV protection for prolonged outdoor activity

Enhanced PA++++ formula provides intensive protection against UVA to keep the skin healthy. Sweatproof Film™ Technology ensures that the formula builds a thin and yet powerful UV-protective film, so that you can leisurely enjoy swimming, jogging and all other activities in the sun. SUN MATE LEPORTS has witch hazel leaf water providing a soothing effect to keep the skin feeling comfortable while staying long in the sun. WaterLux texture bursts into moisture and completely gets absorbed into the skin to leave it feeling nice and refreshed. In addition, it is good for both face and body.


Sun Mate Leports Texture



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Take an adequate amount at the last step of your morning skincare routine and apply all across the face. Lightly dab on more exposed areas such as the forehead, nose and cheekbones. Be careful to avoid the product going into your eyes. Clean the mouth of the tube and close it tight after use. Keep it at room temperature.

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