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[JMsolution] JM solution ★ Sale 64% ★ ⓑ MAMA Pureness Firming Up Mask (30ml*10ea) 1 Pack / 2615(3) / 20,000 won(3)

Brand: Jmsolution
Product Code: JMsolution-1003884
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[JMsolution] JM solution ★ Sale 64% ★ ⓑ MAMA Pureness Firming Up Mask (30ml*10ea) 1 Pack / 2615(3) / 20,000 won(3)

What it is

Firming mask with intensive nourishment and tightness sticks to your skin for younger-looking skin.

Intensive ampoule with firming double layer sheet sticks to your skin and delivers nourishment and hydration. Holds amino acid complex and collagen to provide firming effect and elasticity for a younger-looking complexion. Contains 90% of natural origin ingredients and non added formula 11 ingredients.

Key ingredients

20 Amino Acids The 20 kinds of amino acids provides firmness to the skin, and fully hydrates the rough skin barrier for a supple dewy skin.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

After cleansing, refine skin texture with toner. Apply the mask adjusting around the eyes and mouth. Leave on for 10-20 minutes. Remove mask and gently pat remaining essence serum until fully absorbed.

Ingredient list

Water,Glycerin,Butylene GlycoNiKinanicte,Glycefeth-26,Procenectiol, MethylpropaneddAlcohaTriethyl Cilete,Hydroxyacetopheroneppropylene Glycol Folygyce,4-10 Laurate,Phenyl TrinethiconeCaorytyl glycol,Carborner,Arginine, Panthenol,Allanbn,Hydroxyethyl Paylate/Sodurn Paybyleftmethyl Taurate Copolymer,Xatthan GurnEthylheOglycesin,Dicotas,um Glycyrrhizete,Pclenosine,Socium FblyacryteteDisocium EDTABrassica Olerapea Gemm. (Brussels Sprouts) Extract... Asiatics Extrw01,2—Hexenediol,Sorbbn Isostearale,Hydrcryzed Sodium HyaluronatePolassium 1-tyaluronate,Hyaluroric Adi,1-tydro-4'2ed Hyaluroric AdaHydrolyzed Glycceaminogtycans,Sodurn Ilyeruronate Crosspolymer, Sodom Hyabronate,Cocos Nucitera (Coconut) Oil,Hydregenated Ledthin, Hydrolyzed Collagerjocopheryl Acetate,Cerarnide Acrylates/AmmonUrn Methacrylate Copolymer ,Gluternine,Leuoine,Pnenytalanine,Argi—nire,Lyshe HCIProineAscertic Acid,ValineGycine,lsoleucine,Fblycaprdactcne Ftrygtycery1-3 Cocoate,Threonee,Histicfre,rine,Alanine,Methionee,Hy—dr./de,' Ublouhone ,Tryptophan,Tyrosine,CNislein,Tairine,Cemitire

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