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[innisfree] ★ Sale 33% ★ Easy Stamping Brow 1ea / 8,000 won

Brand: innisfree
Product Code: innisfree-1003381
Weight: 0.1 kg
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[innisfree] ★ Sale 33% ★ Easy Stamping Brow 1ea / 8,000 won

What it is

Choose desired brow angle, stamp, and done!

An unprecedented ingenious item presented by Innisfree. Select your desired
angle then just stamp it on to complete your eyebrow makeup. A partner item
with Two Tone Eyebrow Kit. Dab Easy Stamping Brow on Two Tone Eyebrow
Kit 4-5 times then stamp on the eyebrows to complete a natural look with
ease. Easy Stamping Brow with 3 angle options. Adjust the angle to create the
right eyebrow makeup for you with one stamping. The angle options include:
straight, soft angle and hard angle.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Choose from 3 angles/shapes (flat, soft arch, high arch). Put powder on the
stamp. (front – light color, back – dark color). Stamp starting from the front
part of the brows. Comb through with a spoolie.

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