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[MEDIHEAL] ★ Sale 64% ★ Blemish Minus Smart Mask (3ml+25ml)*10ea / 40,000 won(4)

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[MEDIHEAL] ★ Sale 64% ★ Blemish Minus Smart Mask (3ml+25ml)*10ea / 40,000 won(4)

What it is

A special smart laser mask with a laser care system which makes your skin moist & relaxed.
Not only it calms irritated skin and help soothes, it also contains trouble care ingredients such as α-Bisaborol,
Arnica, Chamomile extract, effectively soothe skin troubles.
Other trouble minus ingredients complex such as salicylic acid, allantoin & aloe extract,
regulates sebum production, makes your skin is clean & clear.

The Korean secret of porcelain luminous skin is now yours to have.
Beauty Clinic Mediheal Pore Down Smart Tox Mask is a smart detoxifying mask which makes your skin tighter, younger and energetic.
The mask nutrient building ingredients renews energy into exhausted and enlarged pore skin with a 2 steps detoxifying care system.


(1 Step Mask Base Ampoule 3 ml + 2 Step Smart Mask 25 ml) * 10ea

Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

After cleansing apply the Smart Base Ampoule on entire face.
Wrap your face with palms to aid absorption.
And place the sheet mask on face, remove after 10-20 minutes.
Gently pat to fully absorb the remaining essence.


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