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[Dr. Jart+] Dr jart ★ Sample ★ Holiday Fantasy Kit

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[Dr. Jart+] Dr jart ★ Sample ★ Holiday Fantasy Kit

What it is

[Ceramidin Cream 5ml]
A perfect moisturizer that provides instant dry skin relief and long-term hydration.

[Cicapair Cream 5ml]
Enriched green texture that calms down stressed skin and nourishes its original strength

[Rejuvenating Beauty Balm 5ml]
The original beauty balm that makes flawless and even skint one with its perfect coverage.


5ml + 5ml + 5ml

Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

[Ceramidin Cream]
Apply to entire face evenly to retainhealthy, hydrated skin.

[Cicapair Cream]
After using toner and serum, apply a moderate amount onto sensitized skin.
Press cream into skin with warmth of hands to allow for maximum absorption.

[Rejuvenating Beauty Balm]
Apply proper amount on the entire face and after skincare and spread evenly with soft patting.

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