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[BQCELL] ★ Bulk ★ (jj) Revirgin Gung (500mg*12T) 6g * 20ea / Out Box(20ea) / 43,500 won(2.0)

Product Code: BQCELL-1006611
Weight: 2 kg
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[BQCELL] ★ Bulk ★ (jj) Revirgin Gung (500mg*12T) 6g * 20ea / Out Box(20ea) / 43,500 won(2.0)

What it is

BQ CELL REVIRGIN GUNG - VAGINAL TIGHTENING MIRACLE PILLSGeneral : Re-virgin promotes lactobacillus milk from the vagina, which helps to increase the amount of lactic acid bacteria. Regular use of the product increases the amount of lactic acid bacteria and bacteria that will keep the vagina clean. Vaginal contraction improves unexpectedly due to the natural effect of the product.Benefits Re-virgin can help relieve symptoms: fungal infections, itching and vaginal irritation. Hydrate vagina and eliminate bad odors, menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea), urinary incontinence Reduce vaginal discharge, irregular menstruation. Contains many botanical ingredients: Non-extractable, only with botanical Ingredients: Dandelion / Vinegar / Velvet / Hardener / Cnidium officinale Makino / Rum Soprano Shell / Sophora flavescens Aiton / Honey / jahageo / Soybean Sprouts / Menthol / Collagen / Lactic Acid / Sodium Hydrocarbonate (NaHCO3).


500mg * 12T =6g

Recomended for


How to use

Usage : Use in a row first 3 days, every day use 1 shot, after a bath, use fingers pushed deep into the vagina. After this, use once a week. Right after the next period ends, place the shots for the next three days, 1 shot per day. After that week, use once a week.

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