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[ekeL] ⓐ Snail BB Cream 50ml / Tube Type / 0225(16)

Brand: ekeL
Product Code: ekeL-1002015
Weight: 0.12 kg
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[ekeL] ⓐ Snail BB Cream 50ml / Tube Type / 0225(16)

What it is

Ekel Snail BB cream is designed for fading, pigmented, problematic skin with post acne. Plant
ingredients such as aloe vera leaf extract, lavender and rosemary extracts in combination with
the snail mucus, reduce skin damage and relieve irritation. Deep nutrition and hydration
provided by these components equalize the skin microrelief, strengthen the epidermal "frame",
increase elasticity. The snail secret - the main component of the product has a powerful anti-
wrinkle effect, softens the skin of the face, cures acne and inflammation, accelerates cellular

High sun protection factor - SPF50+, effectively protects the skin from the sun, preventing
photoaging. The cream perfectly masks pigment spots, fine wrinkles, post-acne and other
imperfections of the skin, giving the face a smooth and radiant appearance. The product is
suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Apply the necessary amount of cream on your skin and spread evenly using a sponge, brush
or fingertips. For best results, wait 5-10 minutes after BB application before continuing to the
rest of your make up.


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