Home / [CURI] ★ Sale 72% ★ (jj) Intensive Cell Recovery Ampoule KIT (10ml*10ea) /54425(3) /198,000won(3)

[CURI] ★ Sale 72% ★ (jj) Intensive Cell Recovery Ampoule KIT (10ml*10ea) /54425(3) /198,000won(3)

Brand: CURI
Product Code: CURI-1510139
Weight: 0.67 kg
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[CURI] ★ Sale 72% ★ (jj) Intensive Cell Recovery Ampoule KIT (10ml*10ea) /54425(3) /198,000won(3)

What it is

a liposome-based stem cell product, nano-sized particles can easily penetrate in combination with the water-based component, water helps to penetrate the skin structure until The dermis, looking for damaged cells to release the active substance I assure you: no other stem cell has kept the shadow stretch as deep and long as Curi Supplying new cells for skin rejuvenation, accelerating skin recovery, Nourish cells, rejuvenate, increase collagen and improve wrinkles, Slow down and prevent skin aging, Improve acne scars, Smooth and tighten skin, tighten pores, reduce excess oil, Smooth wrinkles, increase skin resistance When combined with a needle roller or a laser, the stem cell efficiency increases



Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

Apply an appropriate amount evenly to the skin.

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