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[RYO] ⓐ Hambit Damage Care Shampoo 400g / EXP 2020.08 / 5425(3) / 단종

Brand: Ryeo
Product Code: RYO-0599
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[RYO] ⓐ Hambit Damage Care Shampoo 400g / EXP 2020.08 / 5425(3) / 단종

What it is

If you're chemically treating and heat-styling your hair all day, every day,
Ryo's Hambit Damage Care system is for you.
Quench your thirsty hair with a luxurious herbal blend that nourishes and helps revive
dull, damaged hair and restores its silky, shiny glory.
The Hambit Damage Care Shampoo contains high concentrations of rich herbal proteins
to help fortify your strands with protective bonds from the core of the hair to the ends.
Strengthened hair is beautifully hydrated, smoothed, and softened for more manageable, lustrous locks.

Tame those stressed out tresses and style away without any fear!
Not only does this line protect your mane, but it brings tired hair back to life and helps reduce fallout!



Key ingredients

Camellia Japonica Seed, Ginseng Root, Glycerin, Citric Acid

Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Apply a generous amount of the shampoo onto wet hair and massage onto the scalp and hair.
Rinse thoroughly. Follow with the Ryo Hambit Damage Care Conditioner.


For best results, always use warm water to wash and rinse the hair.
Do not use hot water, to prevent over-drying the hair and scalp.

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