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[PURITO] ★ Sale 42% ★ (gs) Centella Green Level Eye Cream 30ml / 3715(25) / 14,000 won(25)

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[PURITO] ★ Sale 42% ★ (gs) Centella Green Level Eye Cream 30ml / 3715(25) / 14,000 won(25)

What it is

Anti-aging with Centella Eye Cream gently on sensitive eyes without any stimulation

The first eye cream for your delicate skin around your eyes. The skin around eyes is more delicate and more
vulnerable than your skin on other parts of your body. So it is easily damaged or sagged by slight irritations. Also,
it is the first body part that you experience aging process. When aging starts, protein reduces, and wrinkles are
formed. But PURITO prescribed for the effective nutrients for wrinkles to penetate deeply in your skin, blending in
eye cream 4 types of peptide elements that are ingredients of protein. PURITO has 49% of centella asiatica extract
which helps people with sensitive skin, including eyes, to use comfortably. Additionally, PURITO mixed panthenol
with hyaluronic acid, attracting and maintaining moisture, forming a moisture barrier to soothe and protect the
weak skin. Centella-asiatica and four other ingredients of peptide, panthenol, and hyaluronic acid are synergistic
on improving and preventing eye wrinkles already progressed or my be in progress.

There are many eays to increase moisturizing easily and quickly artificially. Artificial materials are much cheaper
than natural ingredients. However, our skin are from nature, so they can distinguish artificial and natural. PURITO
chose the right way rather than the quick way and brought out the maximum moisturizing power only from the
oil of flowers and fruits obtained from nature.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

After using toner and serum, apply an appropriate amount around the eyes and gently pat for better absorption.


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