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[ma:nyo] Bifida Ampoule Cream 50ml / 40,000 won

Brand: ma:nyo
Product Code: manyo-1003824
Weight: 0.22 kg
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[ma:nyo] Bifida Ampoule Cream 50ml / 40,000 won

What it is

A highly-nutritive total care skin renewal cream for youthful skin.

The cream enriched with multiple active ingredients has wrinkle improving, firming,
brightening, pore tightening, and moisturizing effects, which is essential for youthful
skin. It fills the skin with nutirition, moisture, and vitality, making it firm, supple and
fully hydrated.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Apply a suitable amount on entire face and gently pat for absorption.

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