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[Commleaf] ⓘ Rose Sleeping Mask 50ml / 22,000 won(18)

Brand: Commleaf
Product Code: commleaf-1002819
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[Commleaf] ⓘ Rose Sleeping Mask 50ml / 22,000 won(18)

What it is

Commleaf's Rose Sleeping Mask is an ultra- hydrating overnight mask infused with 70%
rose water and rose petals that replenishes lost moisture while revitalizing the skin for a
smooth and supple finish. This serum-like mask absorbs into the skin during sleep,
providing a renewed glow by morning.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Use in the evening on a cleansed face as the very last step to your skincare routine.
Apply an adequate amount, dabbing it over the face using either brush or with your
fingertips. Gently spread a thin, even layer all over the face and neck. Sleep through the
night with the mask on. You do not need to rinse off the mask; your skin will absorb the
nutrients overnight, leaving the skin moisturized and radiant in the morning.


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