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[Dr.Young] ★ Sale 55% ★ (sg) CentellaSCA Cream 50ml / 33,000 won

Brand: Dr.Young
Product Code: Dr.Young-503242
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[Dr.Young] ★ Sale 55% ★ (sg) CentellaSCA Cream 50ml / 33,000 won

What it is

An upgraded version of Centella Scar Ointment
Comes with a stronger protective power of Centella Asiatica for healing (acnes/scratches)
and Green Tea Extracts for strengthening skin’s barrier, prevents any potential damage.
Doesn’t contain Mineral oil, Synthetic Color, Alcohol, Steroid, and Antibiotic.

CentellaSCA™ Cream is an upgrade version of Centella Scar Ointment with Centella Asiatica Extract(57.12%).
It delivers significantly clearer skin and promotes regeneration system.
This cream contains Centella Asiatica Extract and Asiaticoside,
which reinforce the skin's barrier and recovers damaged area caused by hazardous environment.
Also, Hyaluronic Acids helps to increase moisture and it gives the skin elasticity.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

At the moisturizer step, apply evenly over your face.
Apply once more time for extra moisture.
It can be used as a spot care or as an all over treatment.


May be used as a moisturizer all over the skin or healing ointment on affected areas.

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