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[BQCELL] (jj) Derma Skin Peeling & Recell Cure Ampoule Kit / 51301(16)

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[BQCELL] (jj) Derma Skin Peeling & Recell Cure Ampoule Kit / 51301(16)

What it is

DERMA SKIN PEELING KIT PEELING SOLUTION 2g / AMPOULE 2 ml The peeling system contains micro-particles that will remove dead skin cells and other debris in 3 days after use. Micro-particula will pass through the skin and make an amazing effect in your skin. BQCELL DERMA SKIN PEELING KIT injects micro-particles into skin and stimulates cells over time to promote blood circulation. Skin regeneration technique is damage-free on epidermis and applies skin reproduction before exfoliation.


Peeling Solution 2g + Ampoule 2ml

Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

Day 1: Clean skin thoroughly and apply toner before using the kit. Massage the peeling cream all over the face, especially on areas with enlarged spores, dark spots, uneven skin tone. Leave the solution on for at least 7 hours. Avoid water. Highly recommended this step to be done at night before sleep time. / Day 2: Clean skin with cool water for the first 1-2 days. Skin will appear red and itchy. Day 3: The old skin will be exfoliated, dead skin cells, dirts, and impurities will be forced out.

If you want to know more

For more information, refer to the documentation included in the package.

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